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“The inspiration for this collection comes from the flooring recovered from an old country home in Romagna, dating back to the early 1900s, when cement began to be used as a binder for renovation work, but pieces of marble or recycled materials were used as insets.
In the porcelain stoneware of I COCCI, the grain size varies depending on the size of the different pieces obtained from a single type of traditional white marble chips and white cotto. The mortar used is grey on the outside and white at the core. The collection features a base tile with the same “gravelly” pattern present on the decorative element.”




Interior floors and walls, suitable for commercial and residential use.

Tile Sizes

90×90 – 36”x36”
60×120 – 24”x48”
60×60 – 24”x24”
30×30 – 12”x12”
30×60 – 12”x24”
7,5×60 – 3”x24”

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